Luis Ríos Frutos


Luis Ríos Frutos has a degree in Biology and is Assistant Non-doctoral Professor of Anthropology in the Teaching Committee of Anthropology of the Faculty of Science at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Among his lines of research, the following can be highlighted: the exhumation and identification of human skeletal remains from mass graves and cemeteries from the Spanish civil war, age estimation of skeletal remains of young adults, and anthropometric history in Guatemala and Spain. The following are some of his recent publications:

  • Cardoso HFV, Ríos L. 2011. Age estimation from stages of union in the presacral vertebrae. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 144: 238-247.
  • Ríos L, Bogin B. 2010. An Anthropometric Perspective on Guatemalan Ancient and Modern History. En: Living Standards in Latin American History Height,Welfare, and Development, 1750–2000 (Ricardo D. Salvatore, John H. Coatsworth, Amílcar E. Challú, eds). Harvard University Press. Pp. 273-310.
  • Ríos L, Ovejero JI, Prieto JP. 2010. Identification process in mass graves from the Spanish Civil War I. Forensic Science International 199: E27-E36.