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Video recordings of the conference “Body, science, memory and politics in contemporary exhumations”

International conference

Body, Science, Memory and Politics in Contemporary Exhumations

CCHS-CSIC, salón de actos.

Madrid, 2015, July 2 and 3.

Chairperson: Francisco Ferrándiz (CSIC)

Scientific Committee: Lee Douglas (NYU/CSIC), Francisco Etxeberria (UPV-EHU/ ARANZADI), Marije Hristova (U Maastricht), Zoé de Kerangat (CSIC/UAM), Julián López (UNED), M.Laura Martín-Chiappe (CSIC/UAM), Alfonso Villalta (UNED).



Keynote speech:

Jorge González (UCM La Habana) Rescuing the remains of Che Guevara (Spanish)



Session 1: Exhumed bodies and Human Rights

Stephanie Golob (CUNY-Baruch) The once and future citizen: Exhumed bodies within domestic, regional and international legal frameworks

Carlos Beristain (U Deusto) Bodies and truth commissions (Spanish)

Oran Finegan (ICRC) Principles and recommendations for humanitarian forensic actions: Experiences with the International Committee of the Red Cross (Spanish)

Alejandro Baer (U Minnesota) and Natan Sznaider (AC Tel-Aviv) Truth and testimony: From text to bones in Holocaust memory



Session 2: Exhumed bodies: Case studies

Paloma Aguilar (UNED) and Francisco Ferrándiz (CSIC) Exhumations and the press during Spain’s transition to democracy: The case of ‘Interviú’ (Spanish)

Sarah Wagner (GWU) Innovation and intervention: The forensic work of identifying Srebrenica’s missing, twenty years on

Ángel del Río (UPO) Uncomfortable bodies in Andalusia (Spanish)

Queralt Solé (UB) Bodily politics in the Civil War Battlefields of Catalonia (Spanish)



Session 3: Techno-scientific bodies

Zoe Crossland (U Columbia) Testifying bodies

Paco Etxeberría, Lourdes Herrasti and Luis Ríos (Aranzadi) Exhumations and forensic labs (Spanish)

Elisabeth Anstett (CNRS) About the ‘necro-market’ and the globalisation of mass exhumations

Luis Fondebrider (EAAF) Trans-migrant bodies in Mexico (Spanish)



Session 4: Bodies as social processes

Jean-Marc Dreyfus (U Manchester) A diplomacy of corpses after WWII

Francisco Ferrándiz (CSIC) From tears to pixels: Emotional transfer during Spanish exhumations (Spanish)

María García (UNED) From body to relic (Spanish)



Session 5: Bodies as cultural productions

Antonius C.G.M. Robben (U Utrecht) Sovereign bodies: The cultural production of disappearance and re-appearance in Argentina

Lee Douglas (NYU/CSIC) What remains: Reflections of documentary practice, the language of cinema and the narration of violence

Marije Hristova (U Maastricht) Literature: From ghost to body (Spanish)

Germán Labrador (Princeton U) and Ulrike Capdepón (U Columbia) From exhumed to evicted (Spanish)


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