Crossland, Zoë and Rosemary A. Joyce -editors- (2015) Disturbing Bodies Perspectives on Forensic Anthropology

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Disturbing Bodies Perspectives on Forensic Anthropology Zoë Crossland and Rosemary A. Joyce Libro



As bodies are revealed, so are hidden and often incommensurate understandings of the body after death. The theme of “disturbing bodies” has a double valence, evoking both the work that anthropologists do and also the ways in which the dead can, in turn, disturb the living through their material qualities, through dreams and other forms of presence, and through the political claims often articulated around them. These may include national or ethnic narratives that lay claims to bodies, personal memories and histories maintained by relatives, or the constitution of the corpse through performative acts of exhumation, display, and analysis. At the center of this work are forensic anthropologists. Although often considered narrowly in terms of its technical and methodological aspects, forensic practice draws upon multiple dimensions of anthropology, and this volume offers a range of anthropological perspectives on the work of exhumation and the attendant issues.




  1. Anthropological Perspectives on Disturbing Bodies: An Introduction
    Zoë Crossland and Rosemary A. Joyce
  2. Forensic Anthropology and the Investigation of Political Violence: Notes from the Field
    Luis Fondebrider
  3. Unearthing Ongoing Pasts: Forensic Anthropology, State Making, and Justice Making in Postwar Peru
    Isaias Rojas-Perez
  4. Deconstructing the Ideal of Standardization in Forensic Anthropology
    Tim Thompson
  5. Identification Versus Prosecution: Is It That Simple, and Where Should the Archaeologist Stand?
    Hugh Tuller
  6. Writing Forensic Anthropology: Transgressive Representations
    Zoë Crossland
  7. Creating the Biological Profile: The Question of Race and Ancestry
    Heather Walsh-Haney and Serrin Boys
  8. Hybrid Lives, Violent Deaths: “Seminoles” in the Samuel G. Morton Cranial Collection
    Pamela L. Geller
  9. Excavating for Truths: Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaeology as Ways of Making Meaning from Skeletal Evidence
    Debra L. Martin
  10. Grave Responsibilities: Encountering Human Remains
    Rosemary A. Joyce

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