Luis Fondebrider

Luis Fondebrider obtained his degree in Anthropological Sciences from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. He is a specialist in Forensic Anthropology. After democracy was restored in Argentina in 1983, together with a group of professionals in Archaeology, Anthropology, Medicine, and Computer Science, he founded an organization named the Argentinian Team of Forensic Anthropology (EAAF), with the objective of scientifically documenting the Human Rights violations that had occurred in Argentina between 1976 and 1983. At present, he is President of the EAAF. In his role as a member of the EAAF, he has participated as an expert in over 700 cases in the Argentinian courts. At the same time, he participated in and/or co-directed research missions in numerous countries. He has acted as an expert and/or forensic consultant for different international organizations. He has also been the co-receiver of different awards. As a teacher, he has given conferences and seminars on the application of Forensic Sciences to the documentation of Human Rights violations in several countries, as well as at universities and research centers in England, the United States, Belgium, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. He is also a teacher in the Chair of Legal Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad de Buenos Aires.