Queralt Solé Barjau

Queralt Solé received her doctorate in Contemporary History in 2008 with her thesis titled “Les fosses comunes a Catalunya 1936-1939.” She was in charge of the mass graves unit of the Democratic Memorial of Catalonia. She is at present Lecturing Professor at the Universidad de Barcelona. She was commissioner of the exhibit “Fosas comunes: un pasado no olvidado” of the Democratic Memorial of Catalonia, together with Assumpció Malgosa (UAB), in April, 2010. She specializes in the Spanish civil war and the Franco dictatorship, particularly in subjects related to repression and exile, as well as remembrance. She is the author of the following books: 30 anys d’història d’europeisme català (1948-1978). El “Contuberni” de Munic (Barcelona, Editorial Mediterrània, 1999, with Pilar de Pedro), A les presons de Franco, (Barcelona, Proa, 2004), Catalunya 1939: l’ultima derrota (Barcelona, Ara Llibres, 2006), Els morts clandestins. Les fosses comunes de la Guerra Civil a Catalunya (1936-1939) (Catarroja, Editorial Afers, 2008), and Fosses comunes i simbologia franquista, (ed., with A. Mayayo i A. Segura, Catarroja, Editorial Afers, 2009).