FERNÁNDEZ PRIETO, Lourenzo and MÍGUEZ MACHO, Antonio (editors)(2018). Golpistas e verdugos de 1936. Historia dun pasado incómodo

This is the story of the executioners. It is not a heroic or pleasant story, nor a forgotten story. It’s a story we did not want to know, but historians are forced to investigate and contextualize. Knowledge is always surprising and deflects errors, myths, interested deformations. We tried that. The readers will know in this book the social dimensions of the executors and collaborators. How much the violence of the coup expanded. The coup leaders will be known to persecute the authorities, starting with the military. How the civil, military, police and administrative authorities were shot without imagining that they would be executed, because that possibility was not part of their world, nor of their life and political experience.


Editors: Lourenzo Fernández Prieto y Antonio Míguez Macho

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