ESER, Patrick, SCHROTT, Angela and WINTER, Ulrich (editors)(2018). Democratic transitions and memory in the Hispanic world

The democratic transitions in the Iberian Peninsula and the Southern Cone during the 1970s and 1980s form a large part of the collective memories on both sides of the Atlantic. However, these memories are not only national, but converge in a transnational memorial space, which invites transatlantic views from Spain and the Southern Cone. This book offers a comparison of these two regions and describes the emergence of a transatlantic memory space, with its artistic and discursive dynamics. As the subject of memory is an intrinsically transdisciplinary field, the studies gather historiographical, political-juridical aspects, literary-artistic and filmic creation, as well as cultural and linguistic-discursive practices.


Editors: Patrick Eser, Angela Schrott and Ulrich Winter

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