XVII Congress of Anthropology in Colombia

XVII Congress of Anthropology in Colombia

The trade of anthropology: ruptures, uncertainties and new fields

11 – 14 June 2019, Cali (Colombia)


From 11 to 14 June, the XVII Congress of Anthropology in Colombia will take place at the Icesi University in Cali. The XVII version of this congress, entitled “The Trade of Anthropology, Ruptures, Uncertainties and New Fields,” is organized around three axes: Challenges, Frontiers and Ruptures of the Office; Uncertainties, Possibilities and New Fields in Anthropological Formation, Research and Theorization; and State, Nation and Public Anthropology.

Our colleague Laura Langa will participate in the Congress in the multi-format panel: How and why narrate violence? Creative and artistic proposals from the territories. A dialogue of languages.

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