VOLLMEYER, Johanna, FERRÁNDIZ, Francisco and HRISTOVA, Marije (2020). Memory worlds: Reframing time and the past



Memory worlds: Reframing time and the past. Memory Studies Journal. Volume 13 Issue 5, October 2020

Johanna Vollmeyer, Francisco Ferrándiz and Marije Hristova














Introduction. Memory worlds: Reframing time and the past – An introduction

Marije Hristova, Francisco Ferrándiz and Johanna Vollmeyer

Rainforest villages, eighteenth-century history
Richard Price

‘Putting heart’ into history and memory: Dialogues with Maya-Tseltal philosopher, Xuno López Intzin
R Aída Hernández Castillo

Making memories: Chinese foodscapes, medicinal foods, and generational eating
Nancy N Chen

The vernacular as method for memory and time: A philological and cultural exploration of Filipino concepts for Memory Studies
Jocelyn S Martin

Provincializing memory studies: The insistence of the ‘here-now’
Felicity Collins, Chris Healy y Susannah Radstone

Afterword: Memory worlds in times of Corona
Astrid Erll

Winning paper of the 2019 MSA Excellent Paper Award
Remembrance Day for Lost Species: Remembering and mourning extinction in the Anthropocene
Clara de Massol de Rebetz

Book Reviews
The SAGE Journal of Memory Studies and MSA Outstanding First Book Annual Award

From Surviving to Living: Voice, Trauma and Witness in Rwandan Women’s Writing
Catherine Gilbert, reviewed by Hannah Grayson

Memory Activism: Reimagining the Past for the Future in Israel-Palestine
Yifat Gutman, reviewed by Alissa Boguslaw

Exhibiting Atrocity: Memory Museums and the Politics of Past Violence
Amy Sodaro, reviewed by Erin Jessee

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