Paleolab Group

Interdisciplinary research group composed of independent archaeologists, bioantropólogos and physicians trained in the University of Valencia since 1994 to develop research projects in the field of Industrial Archaeology, Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology, Bio-Anthropology and Paleopathology.

Link: Paleolab Group

Documentation Center of Historical Memory

The Documentation Center of Historical Memory, located in the city of Salamanca, is a rich collection of documentation that can be used by citizens directly, by consulting the original documents or indirectly requesting the information they need through the information services center. The center performs document reproduction and conservation, description and dissemination, and thereby ensures the permanence of this part of the documentary heritage of the nation and provides public access to information that serves to guarantee the rights and knowledge of the recent historical past.

Link: Documentation Center of Historical Memory

Directorate General Directory of Democratic Memory

This is a democratic organization of the Catalan people that serves to promote the public recovery of political memory. Among other functions, through announcements, we also support other academic initiatives to recover democratic memory.

Link: Directorate General Directory of Democratic Memory