Call for Papers: Sound, Memory and the Senses

Call for Papers: Sound, Memory and the Senses, University of Melbourne will be held on 24-25 July 2014 in Melbourne.

The past 20 years has witnessed a turn towards the sensuous, particularly
the aural, as a viable space for critical exploration in History and other
Humanities disciplines. This has been informed by a heightened awareness of
the role that the senses play in shaping modern identity and understanding
of place; and increasingly, how the senses are central to the memory of
past experiences and their representation. The result has been a broadening
of our historical imagination which has previously taken the visual for
granted and ignored the other senses.

We propose a two day conference to debate some of the ongoing issues in
relation to the senses and chart the diversity of the field in Australia.
We encourage engagement with a rich array of sources and methods which
explore the possibilities and limits for the Senses as object of study.
Some of the topics might include:

–    The Sound of War

–    Sensory Urbanism

–    Heritage and locative media

–    The politics of the senses: eavesdropping, surveillance

–    Smell and the historical environment

–    Technology and the Senses

When: 24-25 July 2014

Where: University of Melbourne

Please submit a 200 word synopsis to Paula by 31st
October 2013.

Dr Paula Hamilton

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