“Exhumar la Guerra Civil en España hoy”

El 21 de mayo, Francisco Ferrándiz participará en International Seminar “Territories of Death, Trajectories of Bodies in Mass Violence Context” organizado en colaboración con el proyecto ERC Corpses of Mass Violence and Genocide. El seminario tomará lugar en la Casa de Velázquez en Madrid.

El título de la ponencia de Francisco Ferrándiz será “Exhumar la Guerra Civil en España hoy”. También participará Luis Ríos y Queralt Solé.

Mass violence has been a fundamental feature of the 20th century in Europe and all over the world. This workshop aims at questioning the legacy of mass violence in different societies by exploring the legal, social, religious and ethical issues related to clandestine burials, exhumations and re-inhumation. Bringing together different perspectives and disciplines (social anthropology, archaeology, biology, law, history), it seeks to examine the trajectories of the corpses from the moment of death to the moment of the “official” reburial. The workshop particularly focuses on its spatial dimension: the places that were first marked by clandestine burials are again disturbed by the quests for human remains. Together with the production of territories of death, a new process starts with the exhumations, producing new spaces: spaces of exhumation, spaces of re-inhumation. The dialogue between these spaces, or more generally, the relationship between corpses produced by mass violence and the spaces to which these corpses are related raises a set of questions: what are these places? To whom do they belong? How are they lived and imagined? What does the presence of dead bodies do to them? What political, symbolic, religious uses of these territories of death have been made?


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