Ariel Jerez

Ariel JerezProfessor in the Department of Political Science II at the Universidad Complutense, with courses in the undergraduate degree (Political Systems of Latin America, Spanish Political System, Foundations of Political Science ) and in postgraduate studies (Society of Information and Communications Media in Latin America in the Masters’ of Contemporary Studies of Latin America).
His research work follows two converging lines, the first focused on the new participation processes of civil society (social movements, NGOs, parties, the third sector) and the second on the analysis of communication processes and political education and discourse disputes in the media politics of neoliberal globalization. He is part of the Universidad Complutense research group “Cibersomosaguas. Digital Culture and Social Movements.”
From the point of view of political debate and the diffusion of social knowledge, his participation in the boards of trustees of two foundations located in Madrid, the Foundation Contaminate Me for Cultural Mixing (he is the person in charge of the Area of Projects) and the Foundation Communication and Network with a Voice-Democracy (Vicepresident) is noteworthy. From these positions, he attempts to bring civil society closer to the university -and vice versa- in its participative and transforming dynamics. He also tries to reinforce and extend this work as assistant dean of Students, Technology, and University Outreach of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology.
In the field of remembrance, he has participated in the organization of academic conferences and association conferences (Mueso del Vidrio-La Granja-Segovia, July 2008; Faculty of Political Science-UCM, December 2008; Círculo de Bellas Artes, November 2009; School of Labor Relations/UCM, April 2010). He has collaborated with the Association for Recovering Historical Memory since 2004 on different initiatives for communication and mobilization. He has actively participated in coordinating the recently created Platform against the Impunity of Francoism.