21-24/11/2018. Conference of Francisco Ferrándiz at the Born CCM – Barcelona


International Conference:


November 21 – 24, 2018.

The Born Cultural and Memorial Centre (Barcelona)


This first edition brings together experts, artists, activists and national and International initiatives together in Barcelona using a trialogue format, open to the public, to reflect on contemporary ways of focusing, transmitting and materializing memory in urban contexts.

Do we need new types of memorials? Which ones? What should we commemorate today? Does a transnational commemoration exist, both in Europe as well as in America? What does it consist ones? How can we generate, channel and guide discussions and debates, especially in divided societies? In terms of the commemoration subjects and sponsors, should we think about new formats and new communities, within changing and migratory societies? Where and how do we put a new focus on commemoration? How do we define a urbanismo de memoria and what are the commemorative futures of cities? In terms of sites and places of memory, how are experiences and the time-space dimensions represented and how are local, national or even transnational aspects linked together? These will be some of the questions in the debate.


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