VINYES, Ricard (dir.) (2018). Dictionary of collective memory

The Diccionario de la memoria colectiva is a pioneering work in the studies of our recent history, which takes the pulse of a demanding society, attentive to the legacy of other memories and to the proposals of the new research currents. The Editorial Gedisa thus undertakes a cutting-edge project of deep social science, endorsed by the participation of a research team that brings together about two hundred specialists and contemporary historians from the international field and the Spanish language.

The work, which chooses the dictionary form, allows the identification and detailed analysis of historical episodes, concepts and categories of studies on memory. It also has the graphic support of some of the most significant images of our contemporary history, continents around the management of his memory, the image of the political and social traumas that lived from the Second World War, the projection of that image and the policies that were subsequently assumed.


Ricard Vinyes Ribas, is Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Barcelona. His research on women who were repressed during Franco’s dictatorship or silenced memory, in Spain and other countries in Latin America, has been internationally recognized.

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